Keys to the Kingdom

Want to learn more history and see exclusive behind the scenes areas of Magic Kingdom? The Keys the Kingdom tour is just for you. I will be honest and say the main reason I wanted to go on this tour was to be able to see the “Utilidor” tunnels beneath the park that allow cast members to travel from one land to the other unseen. And yes, I’ll get back to that in a minute.

This 5-hour tour starts at the Town Square Theater where you meet your guide and others in your group at a specific time (you need to buy tickets in advance). They also go ahead and take your lunch order (included with your tour) before you get started.

The tour begins on Main Street USA where your guide shows you little-known facts, trivia, and tidbits about the park. You will also be given some hidden secrets of classic attractions while enjoying them in a way exclusive to this tour while finding hidden Mickeys – everywhere. You will then enjoy your lunch and receive an exclusive keepsake.

It gets even better for Dis-Nerds like me, when you get to go in backstage areas and see how they prepare for parades and maintain the floats. I waited the whole tour for the grand finale – the utilidors! You only get to be under the Main Street area of the utilidors and that part may last 10 minutes at the most – but WOW. While the looks of it is nothing special, it just amazed me at how they operate so seamlessly beneath the park. You are able to see photographs and memorabilia from the park opening and hear the story of Walt Disney’s vision and insight to designing the park. Being the Walt Disney fan that I am, I was shocked at the amount of things about the park and man himself that I didn’t already know. And believe it or not, you may want to have a tissue handy. If your guide is as good of a story teller as mine was (and I’m sure they all are) – there are a few tear jerkers at the end.

Being that you are in backstage area and seeing things that may ruin the magic for some, guest have to be at least 16 years of age to go on this tour. Ticket prices are $99/per person plus tax but a 15% discount is given to annual passholders, Disney Chase Visa Cardmembers and Disney Vacation Club Members.

You are on your feet the entire 5 hours, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. No cameras, video equipment or cellphones may be used throughout the duration of the tour.

Is it worth it? If you are a Disney history buff and a fan of Walt Disney himself. Yes!


Amanda Howell has been with Once Upon A Vacation since 2016 and has visited Walt Disney Destinations over a dozen times. She enjoys traveling all over the world and lives in Jayess, MS. Find her on social media @OnceUponAVacationAmandaHowell (or e-mail


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