The Disney Cruise Grown Up Hideaway

If you’re looking for an “almost” secret hideaway on your Disney cruise that offers  a relaxing atmosphere, specialty coffees, alcoholic offerings, and complimentary snacks, then Cove Café will be a regular stop for you.

Many guests walk right past the tinted windows and unassuming “Cove Cafe” sign without ever being curious enough to step inside. Those that do will find complimentary sweet snacks during the day that transition over to a nice selection of antipasto…olives, cheeses, crackers and meats in the evening hours. Caffeine lovers will be intrigued by the cold brew coffee tower that’s both fascinating to watch and highly satisfying to enjoy. There is also a nice selection of cognac, martinis, scotch, and wines to choose from as well as a full bar for your special requests.


Even if you’re not going for a specialty coffee drink, tea, or adult beverage, you’ll enjoy the time to relax and unwind. It’s a quiet space, very intimate, and just a great break during the day. Or in our case, the evening.  No one will bother you if you’d just like to sit and watch the television (usually on news), utilize the wifi connection, and munch on those complimentary snacks.  It’s got the touch of class that you would find at Remy or Palo without the need for a reservation. Reading material is available and the on-board WiFi signal is adequate.  Did I mention it’s located in the Adult Only section of the ship?

While the specialty coffee drinks and alcohol options aren’t complimentary, they are very reasonably priced and can be charged to your account just like anything else that you would charge to your on-board account.



Pete Herrick has been with Once Upon A Vacation since 2013 and has visited Walt Disney Destinations over 30 times and takes every chance to travel to just about any fun location in the world. He and his wife Tessa live at Lake Norman near Charlotte NC. Find him on social media @peteherrick (or e-mail


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