Lost? Found!

Did you know that on average more than 200 people per day lose their sunglasses while on vacation at Walt Disney World?  Yep. That’s 6,000 pair of sunglasses “found” per month. 18,000 hats make their way to Lost and Found each year and I have to bet a good amount of those are “lost” while riding Splash Mountain or Rock N Roller Coaster!

Back in the day, like before May 21, 2018 guests would have to call (expect a busy signal!) or visit the Lost and Found Center to file a report in hopes of being reunited with their lost items. Honestly, that was a pain. Disney has recently streamlined that process.

Guests may now report lost items with an online form for anything lost in one of the theme parks, water parks, modes of Disney transportation, Disney Springs, or ESPN’s Wide World of Sports Complex.  After selecting the category of the item (which includes a variety of options with everything from clothing to luggage to electronics to religious items), guests are asked to describe the item.  This is the section that can make or break the search.  Remember those 6,000 pair of sunglasses found each year? How many of them do you think are black? Loads!  Be very specific on the description of your lost item and where it was last seen.

The Disney team will get to work and search for your item.   They will have an update for you within 48 hours that comes through email. Keep in mind that the Walt Disney World property is the size of San Fransisco so it can take awhile for things to be turned in, transferred to the central location, and then cataloged.

If you believe your item was lost at a Walt Disney World Resort, contact concierge at the resort and if you left a precious lovie on Magical Express call 866-599-0951 to reach the Magical Express team for assistance.


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