A Theater On Board? Nope…Two Of Them!

On a Disney Cruise there is always something happening. Activities, entertainment, character meet-and-greets, plenty of food and beverages, deck parties, tours, spa appointments, relaxation, and usually plenty of sun up on the deck. It’s hard to do it all!

This blog is about the indoor entertainment in not just one, but TWO on-board theaters that are all on all 4 of the Disney Cruise Line ships.

First up is the Buena Vista Theater which shows movies morning, afternoon, evening, and even late-night. These aren’t just the classics that you may have seen but would love to see in a full-size theater, but first-run movies as well. Grab some popcorn, enjoy the air-conditioned comfort in a theater that is bigger than most that you would find in your hometown and take in a movie. The show times and movies will be published in your Navigator each day as well as available on the Navigator app.

As if one full-size theater at sea wasn’t enough, the Walt Disney Company wanted to go bigger!

The entertainment gem of Disney Cruise Line is the gigantic Walt Disney Theater. Here you’ll find Broadway-style entertainment with live performers each night of your cruise. Not every night is the same. The lights, sound, talent, and production quality is so far above anything else on the ocean, you’ll be ready to catch a show each night!

Is there a fee for the shows or the movies? Absolutely not! Are reservations or tickets required for the shows or the movies? No way. It’s all included with your cruise. The productions in the Walt Disney Theater happen twice each night. There is an early show and a later show…so no matter your dining time, you can still make the performance!

It’s true that you might want to spend most of your time near the pool or with the wind blowing through your hair on deck, but make time to visit the theaters during your cruise as well. You won’t regret it!

Pete Herrick has been with Once Upon A Vacation since 2013 and has visited Walt Disney Destinations over 30 times and takes every chance to travel to just about any fun location in the world. He and his wife Tessa live at Lake Norman near Charlotte NC. Find him on social media @peteherrick (or e-mail pete@onceuponavacation.com)


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