Tips for a Magic Kingdom Christmas

One of the most popular and therefore busiest days to visit Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is on Christmas Day.  So busy in fact, the park may close early to new guests due to reaching capacity.  Here are 10 tips I picked up while having an unforgettable Christmas with my family.

1.  Get there early!  The park does reach capacity and getting there close to rope drop will ensure that you are not turned away.

2.  Make a dining reservation for a late lunch or dinner.  Moving from attraction to attraction, is a lot of fun but you still want to make sure you carve some quiet time out with the family.  We enjoyed dining at Liberty Tree Tavern on Christmas.  It’s all-you-care-to-enjoy family feast allowed us to eat a traditional holiday meal until our bellies were full.  They also have lovely Christmas trees and decor that will keep you in the festive mood.  

**Take note that having a reservation does not automatically mean you will be allowed in to the park should it close due to crowds.  Make sure to follow my tip #1 to ensure you make it to your reservation!

3.  Visit the big guy, Mickey Mouse, at Town Square Theater.  It’s always a magical experience to visit the mouse it all started with but on Christmas (in your fun holiday attire) it’s extra special.  He may just get you all singing a carol or acting like a train. 


4.  Choose Fastpasses for the day with a favorite for everyone.  My children love Seven Dwarfs Mine Train (bonus fun ride photo/vidoe with our festive gear on) so we made sure to choose that and two other ‘must do’ attractions.  With wait times higher, you may only experience a few more besides these. 


5.  Make realistic goals for what you want to accomplish throughout the day.  With so many guests, lines will be long and you will need a little more patience getting from one land to another.  With meeting Mickey, Fastpasses, and dinner, our day was half over!  

6.  Let the kids take time venturing through the stores to pick out their own special gift.  Santa made a special delivery and dropped off Disney gift cards that the kids could use for a souvenir.  Their excited faces as they got to pick out whatever they wanted on this unforgettable Christmas was incredible. 

7.  Stop for the awesome photo ops throughout the park and purchase the Memory Maker.  So many times you are missing mom or dad for those Christmas morning and day moments.  Let the pros take care of that for you and get you all in! 

8.  Schedule the parade, castle shows and fireworks in to your day.  Most holidays you turn up the Christmas music and tune in to the parade on the tv.  For this incredible year, you get to be there and immerse in it!  You get to see so many of your favorite characters, hear your favorite Christmas songs and if you’re a midwest loving gal like me, snow! 

9.  Research some trivia, hidden Mickeys and interesting facts about Magic Kingdom.  Then, head out on a scavenger hunt to see as many of these as you can.  Main Street USA alone has so many neat things to check out, Christmas day is a perfect time to venture and simply appreciate the park more! 

10.  Take it easy!  We can get caught up in the rush of wanting to get to the next thing.  It will be magical and your family will have cherished memories and photos to last a lifetime.  My biggest tip is to take it all in and share a ‘Merry Christmas!’ with everyone you meet!

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