Be Our Guest- Dinner Fit For a Beast

Still one of the hardest reservations to get for dinner at Walt Disney World is Be Our Guest, located at the foot of Beast’s Castle in Magic Kingdom. It’s huge and should have plenty of room, but this restaurant remains in high demand for both Beauties and Beasts of all ages.


Even if you don’t have a reservation, check in with the service station out front, you might be pleasantly surprised that they can get you in. This is especially true on the nights of Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

Be Our Guest is a weird exception to the Disney Dining Plan as it’s a Quick Service credit for breakfast and lunch, but a Table Service credit for dinner. However, you can make reservations for all three meals so be sure to plan accordingly.

Is it a character dining experience? No, but sort of. At dinner, you’ll have the opportunity to get in line and have a picture with Beast in his study after your meal as you exit.

There are three separate dining rooms in Be Our Guest. My wife and I were seated in The West Wing which feels the most castle-like and in my opinion is the most immersive location to dine to feel the Beauty & The Beast story. Be aware, it’s extremely dark. Give your eyes time to adjust, move the candle toward the menu to read your options, and don’t be surprised if people at nearby tables are using the flashlights on their cell phones to read the menu. And if you’ve got picky eaters in your party, or someone who likes to cut the gristle off their steak before eating, this may not be the dining room for you. It’s that dark.

Don’t worry if you choose The Grand Ballroom or the Castle Gallery as your dining location, you’re encouraged to walk around and explore all three dining rooms.

Finally, to the meal. It was acceptable, and that’s about the best I can give you. We received our bread service and within 5 minutes, we had our salads. That was fast, which was great. The problem lies in the fact that we received our entrée plate within a minute after the salads arrived. Now, we’re stacking plates and bread baskets and butter. After a few minutes, our waiter noticed the juggling act and offered to take our entrees back to the kitchen until we were ready. We declined, maybe just because if our steak is going to get cold, I’d rather be in control of the place where it’s getting cold rather than on a warming shelf in the kitchen. Maybe that wasn’t the right decision, but either way it didn’t do much for the magic of the Be Our Guest meal.

Is it a magical venue with great theming and décor that Beauty & The Beast lovers will enjoy? Yes. Was it a must-visit again? Not really.

Last note, try the gray stuff, it’s delicious!!

Pete Herrick has been with Once Upon A Vacation since 2013 and has visited Walt Disney Destinations over 30 times and takes every chance to travel to just about any fun location in the world. He and his wife Tessa live at Lake Norman near Charlotte NC. Find him on social media @peteherrick (or e-mail



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