Risks, Rewards and a Few Things to Consider for Cruising During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season runs from June 1-November 30th.  Mother Nature is tricky and it is impossible to predict the weather she might throw our way.  Here are a few tips to consider for traveling during hurricane season.


Rates can be lower during hurricane season as it may be considered the “low or off season”.  That may create fewer crowds with more adult time.  Hurricane season is also the same time as when the kids are back in school.

Temperatures may be a bit lower in the fall, more comfortable for the outdoor adventures.

Last minute itinerary changes. This could be a negative or a positive for some. Some may like the excitement of last minute changes to the itinerary and sailing just to get-a-way and just want some rest and relaxation while others have specifically chosen their cruise for the specific ports of call that are being offered during their particular sailing.


Canceled shore excursions. Ports of call might be changed or weather can also affect a shore excursion.  If your shore excursion is cancelled while you are onboard the ship, the cruise line will assist you with rebooking a new excursion or you will receive a refund for your cancelled excursion.

Travel delays or shortened cruises- Be prepared for the worst.  Your cruise could be cancelled due to an area that has been affected by a hurricane.  You could also have a shortened cruise or even have a few extra days added on to your cruise.  The cruise lines watch the weather very carefully and your safety is priority. At times the cruise lines may make decisions while you are at sea as to whether it is safer to bring their guests to port early or to stay at sea an extra day or two to avoid a hurricane.

Rough seas-  While you will not cruise directly into a hurricane, the seas can be affected and could be rough.  If you are prone to motion sickness, be sure to bring some over-the-counter motion sickness medication or see your doctor for advice on motion sickness treatments.

Items to ponder…

Consider Southern Caribbean.  A Southern Caribbean Cruise typically visits islands that are not in the normal hurricane paths.  However, it is important to know that the start of your vacation port could be in an area that can be affected by a hurricane.

Have a positive attitude, be flexible and willing to adjust your vacation plans.

Change in itineraries.  The Cruise lines may have to adjust your ports of calls to avoid a hurricane but this may be an opportunity to explore other ports that you may not normally be included in a regular itinerary.


Contact Hilarie to learn more ins and outs of cruising at Hilarie@onceuponavacation.com

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