Fun! The Race through New York with Jimmy Fallon!

Located inside Universal Studios, is the Race through New York – starring Jimmy Fallon. This computer simulated ride has much to offer for Tonight Show fans! You become a guest of the Tonight Show before you take on the race challenge through the streets of New York City!

Here are some fun facts and Tips for this ride:

There is a height requirement. Guests must be 40” to ride this attraction. So, if you are traveling with small children who want to see Panda, be aware. Child Swap is available. If you are traveling with family and have a little-tyke in tow, Child Swap will simply hold your place in line for you. After your family finishes the ride, you can swap, then ride with no wait.

This ride offers a Virtual Line Experience! Meaning you can reserve a time in advance to experience this attraction. To secure a reservation time, all you have to do is Download the Universal App to your phone or you can use one of kiosks located in front of the attraction. One thing to note if virtual line is not available, you may be redirected to use either your Express Pass or guided to the stand by line.

As you enter, you will be given a color-coded card with the NBC Peacock logo. Later, a light will indicate with the correct color along with an NBC musical chime when it is time for you to ride!

Before you ride guests are able to visit the history hall that plays tribute to the beloved Tonight show. You will see artifacts from the show and even a few familiar famous cast members like Johnny Carson and Jay Leno. You can send a thank you note as Jimmy does in the show and enjoy entertainment from the Ragtime Barbershop Quartet! Hashtag the Panda also makes an appearance!

Now it’s time to race! A few fun appearances from the Roots and fun characters from the show will greet you during your race! Some are even known to coin the phrase “EWH!”

Also, rumor has it that Jimmy Fallon’s family makes a special appearance during the ride. So, watch and see what you can find!

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