Top 10: Cruise Packing List

Todays Top 10 list will guide your planning when packing for one of the best vacations around, a cruise. Here we go!

  1. Passport/Birth Certificates. All guests must present a valid passport or acceptable proof of citizenship to board the ship and to re-enter the United States. A Passport is the preferred proof of documentation.
  2. Watch.  There are very few clocks onboard cruise ships so a watch will come in handy so you don’t miss any of the fun.
  3. Sunscreen.  The sun can be very strong over the ocean and in the Caribbean and a burn can be painful.  Pack plenty of sunscreen.
  4. Sweater/Jacket. It can be cool in the public areas of the ship. You also don’t want to be caught off guard by an unusually cool day in port.
  5. Camera/phone for capturing the memories. But be sure that phone is in airplane mode!
  6. Your favorite shoes. Comfy shoes are great for exploring the ports of call.
  7. Water bottle/cup with lid. This will save on purchasing those expensive bottles of water. If complimentary sodas are available onboard, you can bypass the tiny cups and fill up your own water bottle or cup. Ask your stateroom host to provide you with ice.
  8. Sunglasses. The sun can be strong and bright, you will want to protect your eyes.
  9. Beach bag/tote bag. A bag can be very handy to carry your sunscreen, daily onboard itinerary, reading material for lounging on deck, etc.
  10. Hat.  To help protect your face from the sun. Plus it is a cool accessory for your cruise attire.

Bonus Tips:

Staterooms can be dark, pack a little night light if there are little ones in your room or big ones that just don’t want to run into anything on a midnight trip to the bathroom!

Bring scented hand soap from home (like a favorite scent from Bath and Body Works).  When you return home and use that same soap, your mind will immediately be reminded of your wonderful vacation.

Many cruisers on the Disney Cruise Line bring fun magnets to decorate the stateroom door.

It’s always good to have a small medical bag with the basics in case of headaches, tummy aches, or cuts/scrapes.

Be sure to pack your carry on bag wisely. Pack important medications/toiletries in your carry on, along with a swimsuit, sunscreen, and cover up. You will not have immediate access to your stateroom when you board the ship.

Bon voyage!

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