COUNTDOWN TO DISNEY – Fun Ideas With Your Little Ones

So, your Walt Disney World vacation plans are set and the final countdown has begun! Here are some fun at home ideas to do with your little ones while you wait for that magical day to appear!

First, make your own Disney calendar together. Next, start planning your countdown to the magic and begin adding some ideas to your calendar!

Decorate your house with Mickey! Pillows, posters, and magnets can add to the magic!

Plan Disney movie nights.  Find one of your family favorites and watch it together.

Plan dinner around your movie choice.  Make movie night more magical by theming dinner around your movie. For example: eat spaghetti and meatballs while watching Lady and the Tramp, try French inspired foods while watching Ratatouille, or pizza while watching Toy Story. Beautiful outdoors? Plan a barbecue with a Moana theme.

Foods don’t have to be limited to dinner. Nothing beats a family breakfast on a lazy Sunday. Why not make the pancakes into Mickey shapes? Make Mickey cookies! There are so many easy online recipes to try with your little ones.

Sing! Download your favorite Disney tunes and sing a song together while in the car or at home!

Family game night is a great idea.  Play Disney Infinity together or make up your own like Disney charades, guessing games etc.

Do some Micky inspired art! Paint, draw, or color a Disney character! Draw a picture of going to the castle together. You can also find coloring books at the local dollar stores. Pinterest is a great online resource for ideas.

Write a letter to Mickey and see if you get a postcard back! Send the letters to:
Walt Disney World Communications –Mickey Mouse
P.O. Box 10040
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040.
Do this at least 6 weeks ahead of time as it could take a while to receive a post card.

Dress Up.  Have a Princess at home? Well today is her day! She can dress up as her favorite! Moms you can join in on the fun by doing hair, make-up and nails together. Braid your hair like Anna and Elsa. Have a princess tea party for the whole family. Don’t forget to serve cookies!

For the pirates, space rangers, and cowboys in your life, they can celebrate by dress up too! Swab the deck and have a cleaning party while listening to Disney tunes.

Build a big fort together  and turn it into your dream castle, ancient pirate ship, or alien space station warning Buzz Lightyear about Zorg’s location.

Go for a magic carpet ride! Grab a small rug from your hallway, door entrance, or use a blanket and pretend to see a “whole new world” together or pretend you are riding Space Mountain and practice your roller coaster scream!

Take Pictures of your special planned family days! Decorate a family photo album to store special pictures of your vacation!

Practice your walk.  You will do a lot of walking in the parks! So, on a beautiful day, go for a family stroll through your neighborhood.

Disney truly is a special way for bringing families together. It doesn’t have to start the day of your trip! Start celebrating each other today! Let your imaginations soar!

Contact me to start planning your family’s celebration!











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