Disney Pin Trading

Disney Pin Trading can be an inexpensive and fun hobby at Walt Disney World for die hard pin collectors or the first time visitor! Disney Trading Pins are sold at the parks, resorts and Disney Springs. However, some good deals can be found on eBay and Amazon to save money. I have a certain company I have purchased from for years and always get a great deal when I purchase a “lot” (group) of pins of 50, 100, or even 250 pins. You can find them for approximately $.50-0.75 per pin. These will more than likely be “scrappers” and will not be ones you will want to keep but that’s ok. You want to trade. The pins must read “Disney” on the back of the pin.

When you arrive at the park you can use a lanyard to store them but it can get heavy and the back of the pin could potential become dislodged/fall off causing you to lose the pin. My family carries our pins in baggies in my backpack. We have a trade baggy and a keep baggy. Make sure everyone knows the difference. At the end of the day, we store our keepers away so we don’t have to carry them around the next day.

There are so many ways you can trade. You can look for your favorite characters, series pins (set of usually 4-8 pins in a similar theme), Hidden Mickeys (can only get from Cast Members-not sold in stores) or pins that interest you.

Tips for pin trading:
-Start looking early in the morning. Guests frequently walk past great pins heading to attractions.
-Cast Members with green lanyards/belt pin holder will only trade with children.
-Children can choose from green lanyard or regular black lanyard/belt pin holder.
-Look for new Cast Members coming from behind closed doors starting their shift as they will probably have new pins.

Have fun! This is a great way to interact with Cast Members! Display them when you get home on a cork board or cute pin board (many ideas on Pinterest). Happy Trading!!!

Konda’s experience in family vacations make her a precious asset in planning magical vacations.  She has many more great tips for you! Reach her at Konda@onceuponavacation.com

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