Got Bread?

IMG_4121 2

Mmmmm. Bread.  Sourdough bread.   If there is anything better, my boys don’t know about it.  When they saw the “free samples” sign on the Boudin Bakery Tour in California Adventure at Disneyland Park, they were in. And in again.  And in again.  Eventually we just purchased this beauty of a loaf for them – which was devoured in a day and a half.

Boudin Bakery started in a tiny shop in San Francisco’s and is now known as their oldest company and also a world-famous bakery.  The walking tour at California Adventure allows guests to watch the bakers turn dough into fabulous bread bowls and loaves, many shaped after characters such as Mickey Mouse and Groot that can be purchased on site.  Guests can also visit the Pacific Wharf Cafe across from the tour to purchase sandwiches and soup in a bread bowl both using the Bourdin Bakery bread.

All in all I’m not sure how much time and money we spent at the Boudin Bakery on this trip but it wasn’t enough.  When we came home I researched where/how we could get this fabulous goodness from heaven delivered to our door and joined the “bread of the month” club.  You think I’m kidding? In June we had 2 “trolly cars” arrive.  July brought a duo of “turtles” and August brought the cutest twin “teddy bears.” Each month we celebrate the goodness of carbs and remember our own California adventure.  What could be better than that?

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