Exploring the Disney Fantasy


There is so much to love about Disney Cruise Line! With four beautiful ships each with their own unique features, it’s hard to claim a favorite. However, the gorgeous Fantasy, holds a special place with my family. Here are just a few of our favorite things we love about the Disney Fantasy. You may also get to experience a few of these favorites on another fantastic Disney Cruise Line ship!

Tons of “Beauty” found on this “Beast” of a Ship
The ship is beautiful! The statue of Minnie greets you at the atrium stairs! This is a great location for a family portrait which is a tradition with my family. As you glance upward, the chandelier sets the tone for beauty and grace. There are so many amazing details throughout the ship that pay tribute to the one where it all started- Mickey! We love finding all the Hidden Mickeys around the ship.


The Tank is Clean!
Disney knows the meaning of keeping things ship-shape! From the public spaces to your stateroom, the ship is cleaned several times a day. Disney also emphasizes “safety first” by the use of washing/ hand sanitizing stations at all restaurants. Guests are greeted with a friendly sanitation napkin before entering the restaurants. This is a comfort for those that might be fearful of those infamous “cruise bugs” that appear on ships!

All Aboard for On Board Activities!
We love the kids’ clubs! However, as my children have gotten in the tween/teen stage, they love to do more family activities. By checking our Navigator App, we found so many that we could meet and do together as well as several they could do on their own. Also, the app allows for sending instant messages (like texts) to the other members you are traveling with.  This was great to coordinate when we could meet up to do shuffleboard, putt-putt, basketball, and our family favorite “The Aqua Duck.” Other activities often include Bingo, karaoke, and (our favorite) The Diaper Dash! The Diaper Dash is a race in the atrium where little cutie pies crawl to the finish line in this adorable race! You can also see the latest released movies in the Buena Vista theater! We watched a new family favorite, Cars 3!


Spectacular Shows!
Disney has some of the best Broadway shows! What better way to see one than a Disney Cruise? Our family goes to every show and our favorite by far is Aladdin. The cast is superior! This year, we were invited to a special back stage tour to learn about the stage and technical set up of Disney’s Cruise shows. There are some secrets on stage that Disney doesn’t allow the public to see. It’s amazing how much goes into each production! Aladdin  is only one of the shows on the Disney  Fantasy, However, each ship has their own featured shows including Tangled, Golden Mickeys, and Villains Tonight.

Food, Food and More Food!
You won’t find anyone afraid they are going to go hungry on a Disney cruise.  From the amazing buffet at Cabanas, to quick service at Flo’s Café, and the main rotational restaurants (Enchanted Garden, Royal Table, and Animators Palate on the Disney Fantasy). There are plenty of options for everyone. Our favorite breakfast is at Cabanas where I get to eat the famous Mickey Waffles! We love to sit right at a window for a nice view of the ocean. Flo’s Café offers many food options for a fast meal or snack. Our favorite snacks are the pizza and the soft serve ice-cream. The banana flavor ice cream is my personal favorite.  It is a must try! Speaking of rotational dining, hands down our favorite must be Animators Palate. Besides the great food options, you can experience Nemo and Friends and you may also get to talk to Crush! For a special treat on the Disney Fantasy, there is also “animation night” where you create your own character drawing and watch your creation come to life on screen. My drawing of a chef danced with the Genie from Aladdin. It an amazing experience!

For desserts, there is a new option offered on the ship! At Sweet on You, you can fill a Minnie or Mickey shaped bowl with your favorite flavors. You can also treat yourself to a tasty Dole Whip. There is also an adult version offered!


Arrgh It’s Pirate Night
Of course it would not be a Disney cruise without Pirate Night and the fireworks show! There are many Pirate activities on board throughout the day culminating with the Pirates of the Caribbean Deck Party and fireworks.  Our family dresses up in our favorite pirate attire and heads to the starboard side of  Deck 12 for great firework viewing.

Relax and pull up a chair!
One of the absolute best things to do on a Disney cruise is to relax. There are some special chairs in the shade on Deck 5 that are a great place to curl up and read a good book. If you want sun in the fun, Deck 12 is our favorite spot! We love to grab chairs and watch the movies on Funnel Vision or go to the family or adult area for a more covered quiet spot. Senses Spa is a great way to unwind. Nothing beats a hot stone pedicure overlooking the ocean to wipe the stress away!

Be Our Guest!
Disney has really coined this phrase on the Cruise Line with exceptional service. The attendants assigned to us from housekeeping to dining are unparalleled in outstanding service. The towel creations and treats left in the room are amazing works of art! The dining team makes sure everyone in your party is treated with the best service. They also take note of the options for kids and will do their best to accommodate picky eaters- like my son who wants nothing but chicken fingers and mac n cheese. This playful team even creates games and puzzles with our kids! They make part of the cruise experience FUN!


No matter the age, Disney Cruise line was designed with families in mind! These are just a few of my favorite finds. Want to find yours?

Contact me at mary@onceuponavacation.com to plan your magical voyage!













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