Travel Tips: Airfare Edition

Today’s travel tip is all about airfare.
Airfare is often the biggest expense when you travel – especially with a family. But here are my tips for scoring super low airfare and more.
1. Don’t underestimate the power of miles! Look for deals to purchase miles before you purchase a flight. Did you know that in some instances you can purchase the amount of miles you need for LESS than actually buying the ticket? Many mileage programs offer bonus miles when you purchase them too and that adds up! Price out both options before buying your ticket.
2. Hopper and Kayak are the two best airfare sites/apps around. I love Hopper because you can get predictions like… buy now or wait bc we think the price will drop etc. It even helps when choosing your travel dates. Check out the hopper calendar and choose your dates based off of the lowest priced stretch.
But…..Kayak, in my opinion, is even better because it mixes and matches one way fares to give you the best price. For example, a quick search on united for example brings up a $750 nonstop ticket but the same search on kayak makes it only $559 by mixing and matching area airports and airlines.
If your dates are flexible you can really get creative with airfare and score a super low rate. Let me help you plan your next trip. My services are always free of course!!
‘Til next time… happy vacation dreaming.
Jaime Garcia is a mom, travel planner, and vacation daydreamer. Contact her to make your vacation daydreams into a reality.

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