No Passport? No Problem.

Here’s the scenario. You want to get away. Someplace tropical. Someplace warm. And you want to go soon. Like now!! Uh oh …. passport is expired (insert tears of sadness here!)
But wait…. there’s hope for you and it doesn’t involve a trip to Florida or the Jersey shore. I’m talking Mexico. Bahamas. Bermuda. All without a passport. “But how,” you ask?
Here’s the secret…. closed loop cruising!  Did you know that as of 2009, any US citizen traveling on a cruise that begins and ends at the same US port is not required to have a passport?  That’s right! You still need proof of citizenship, but that means only a birth certificate or copy of that birth certificate will do!
Last April, we went on a closed loop Disney cruise that visited such gorgeous locations as Grand Cayman, Cozumel and the Bahamas. And since the cruise started at ended at the same US port, we were not required to have a passport.
This leaves open a huge opportunity for last minute travel when you look in the drawer and realize your passport has expired.
Of course, if you’re not a cruiser, you have options too!  We all know Puerto Rico is an awesome choice! With its gorgeous white sand beaches, blue waters and friendly atmosphere, Puerto Rico is a great location that’s still part of the United States. There’s also the US Virgin Islands like St. Thomas and St. John….ahhhh !!!
So what are you waiting for?? Where would you like to go? No passport? No problem!!!
Oh yeah. I do have some disclaimer info that I need to add. I don’t set the rules and rules can change so please, before you plan to travel outside the country, double check with the State Department for the most up to date information. Also know that if you don’t have a passport, the only way you are getting back into the US is on that ship you left on. If there was an emergency and you needed to fly home quickly, that would most definitely require a passport.
Jaime Garcia is a mom, travel planner, and vacation daydreamer. Contact her to make your vacation daydreams into a reality.

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