Few Words Friday- Princess Style

Shout out to Sarah and Princess Zoe for sharing some of their favorite princess pics for this “Few Words Friday” post.


Our breakfast reservation was before the park opened. It was really cool to be the first family to enter the park. It’s  so peaceful with no one there.


That glue they use at Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is some serious stuff! Zoë slept with the bun in her hair, and it didn’t budge at all.
After breakfast, as we were making our way back to The Land, we stopped and said hello to Mickey, Goofy, and Minnie.



Of course we rode Nemo and spent some time out of the rain looking at fish and Turtle Talk with Crush. Zoë always wants to ask Crush a question, and this trip she was able to! It made her day.


Of course after Soaring and a few other rides, we made our way into the countries. Zoë really enjoys the Agent P interactive activity for kids, so we did that before we made our way to lunch in Japan at Teppan Edo. I don’t think there is a restaurant in Epcot that I do not like, but this one is one of my favs!
After touring the countries, we managed to get a picture with Jasmine and Aladdin in Morocco before dinner at Tutto Italia. We haven’t eaten here since Zoë’s first trip to the World when she was 1. Still very pleased with the food there. 🙂 After dinner, we were all tired and wet (it rained all day), but decided to hit up Mission Space before heading back to the resort. This was also the night that we misplaced our car. lol Chris and I were so turned around when we left. It took us about 15 minutes and the help of a cast member to figure out where we had parked.
Sarah (aka Zoe’s mom) can help you plan a dream vacation for your little ones too. Contact her at Sarah@onceuponavacation.com.

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