To Insure or Not To Insure? That is Today’s Question

I am going to be the first to admit …. I never buy travel insurance. (Insert gasp and horrified look here!!!) Ok there I said it! My secret is out!
But having admitted my flaw, I think it’s a topic worth diving into because after entering into into the travel business,  I have a new perspective… mostly.
I’m thinking of a trip I recently quoted for a family. It was a big one. A really nice place, beautiful scenery, top season for travel. And do you want insurance? “No”, they replied.
Now I was horrified.
How can you risk upwards of thousands of dollars on the off chance something goes wrong a year from now??
The initial outlay of $200 or more may seem like a lot of money just in case, but if you think of it as losing $10,000 or $200 which would you choose?? Trip cancellation can happen at any time because let’s be real – we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.
And the peace of mind that your investment is safe isn’t the only perk.
If your luggage is lost, if your trip is delayed, if there is a hurricane… all of these may be reimbursed by travel insurance. Not to mention medical expenses for you and your family when traveling out of the country.
Another perk…. When you purchase travel insurance, many times it reduces your deposit. For example, a $3000 airfare deposit may actually be reduced to as low as $500 when you add insurance. For many, this is reason alone to grab the insurance at booking!  (Next look up my Vacation Layaway blog post because you will see how these 2 pieces fit!!)  Your travel agent will be able to offer information to help you pick the best plan for your needs and budget (hence another reason to use a travel agent – ahem! It’s free!!!)
So why do I say my perspective has changed mostly? Because I understand that some trips you just KNOW you’re going to take. Last minute travel for example. And sometimes that $200/$300 outlay is a deal breaker for the budget. I get it. But it’s definitely worth exploring. So next time you’re asked if you’d like insurance, don’t be so quick to say no! You may end up surprised at the benefits.
Jaime Garcia is a mom, travel planner, and vacation daydreamer. Contact her to make your vacation daydreams into a reality.

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