Amanda’s Top Five Dining Experiences

One of the highlights of a Disney vacation for me is the awesome food! And the with the Disney Dining Plan, you pay 1 flat fee and then you’re done! You don’t have to worry about the cost of any particular entree or dining experience. Live it up!

Since 2010, we have purchased the Disney Dining Plan that includes (per person, per night)  – 2 snacks, a quick service meal, and a table service meal. With our eating habits, this works out best for us. Typically, we will use the snack on breakfast. We love their cinnamon rolls and cupcakes so we will use snack credits for those and pay for our drinks instead of using dining credits. Then we use the quick service at lunch and save the table service for supper. I can also help you figure out which plan fits your family best.

*MOST IMPORTANT DINING TIP* Book your restaurant reservations 6 months in advance. Hopefully you booked with an awesome Vacation Planner (it’s free you know) and they are taking care of that for you.  But if not, the second that Disney allows you to start booking you dining reservations – BOOK IT! If you don’t, you may miss out on some of the best food of your life.

Alright. Let’s get to it.  Here are my top 5 dining recommendations for Walt Disney World.

#1- Be Our Guest- Magic Kingdom
One thing that is really unique about Be Our Guest is that it is a Quick Service restaurant for breakfast and lunch.  You will still need a reservation but you will only “spend” a Quick Service dining credit for this magical experience.  Guests have the option of ordering in advance or placing the order at the kiosk upon arrival.  For dinner Be Our Guest magically transforms into a full table service restaurant where your host will even be available for a meet and greet.  More on that in a minute. Here are some quick pics:

Here he is.  The Beast if your host here.  He will come through the dining rooms during the dinner hours before retiring in his study where he anxiously awaits your visit. Not everyone in your group is a Beast fan?  That’s ok. You can easily skip the meet and greet and just head on out after your dinner.


The “Grey Stuff” is the signature dessert here.  I have also tried the Triple Chocolate Cupcake & the Strawberry Cream Cheese Cupcake. The Cream Cheese Cupcake has been my favorite so far.

#2- ‘Ohana – Disney’s Polynesian Resort

We normally try to dine at restaurants we have never been to so we can experience them all – but this restaurant has been a repeat for us every year. It has to be the best food EVER. It’s all you can eat. The waiters continuously bring out skewers of chicken, steak, and shrimp. On top of that, the appetizers and sides are nothing short of fabulous. I especially love the chicken wings. Then of course – try to save room for dessert. The banana bread pudding doesn’t disappoint. I struggle with putting this in the #2 spot – it’s really tied for 1st.

#3- Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano-Hollywood Studios

Love. Love. LOVE IT! My mom loved the steak while I enjoyed the 4 cheese flatbread. We have also been to this restaurant more than once and that says a lot when you have so many choices. I also recommend the penne with cheese sauce and for dessert, the chocolate cannoli cake shouldn’t be overlooked.

#4- Whispering Canyon Café – Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

So again, this is one of our absolute favorites! Not only do you get to see the beautiful Wilderness Lodge, but the dining experience is fun and so so good. Get ready for home style cooking – I’ve had the pot roast and the Grilled New York Strip Steak. And for dessert…the Campfire Style Gooey Cake. There is an all you care to enjoy skillet option as well. It is amazing tasting like something Grandma would put on the table. They have fun little quirks at this restaurant. I don’t want to spoil it for you, but be sure you are in a great mood with a young heart when you visit.  Ask for ketchup.

#4- 50’s Prime Time Café – Hollywood Studios
Can I just say this is another AWESOME experience with delicious food. The fried chicken and peanut butter shakes alone are enough to keep me here forever. There was no way to finish all that was on my plate but boy was it yummy!  Can’t decide? No worries because there is actually a sampler plate that includes the fried chicken, meatloaf, and roast! Sold.
#5- Le Cellier Steakhouse –  Epcot in “Canada”
Le Cellier is a signature dining experience meaning it will “cost you” two table service credits per person.  If I’m spending 2 credits you better believe I am ordering steak. They are also known for their cheddar cheese soup. Mmm-mmm.  Just to put this one over the top, it is also a top notch photo spot.  The beautiful gardens will make your Christmas cards phenomenal!
 Now, for my disclaimer:
*Please keep in mind this only reflects my opinion from my experience. This may vary according to what you order. Also, these are only the restaurants I have had the privilege of dining at, I hope for the opportunity to try many other Disney Table Service Restaurants in the future.
Amanda has many more dining tips up her sleeve! Reach out to her at

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