Vintage Disney- the Haunted Mansion

Some of my favorite things at Disney are the “vintage” attractions.  These are the attractions that you likely visited as a child and are now taking your own child through.  Part of their charm comes from the memories we have tied to them.  Disney does a great job of adding to the parks so there is always something new for the guests to experience but what is even more astounding to me is how they keep these vintage attractions fresh as well.

The Haunted Mansion is one of those favorites.  The idea was a “Walt” original and while the outer facade was finished in 1963, there were many twists and turns on how to finish the interior before the Haunted Mansion opened to the public in 1969.  Walt originally planned for the attraction to be a walk through “ghost house.”  Many adjustments were made both before and even after Walt’s death but the final attraction is still surprisingly similar today to its original debuting form.  The cast member satire is also surprisingly the same year after year. You may recall being told to me “to the dead center” of the room in the “stretching room.” I can guarantee that there is likely a cast member saying those very words today as I write this article. Ah, tradition.

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