Taking a Baby to Disney?

Aaron was 18 months old on his first trip to the World. No, he doesn’t remember it- but we do.  We remember his eyes lighting up at the sights and sounds in the Magic Kingdom. We remember seeing him lean out of his stroller so he could see what was coming next in the parade. We remember taking him to the barber shop and getting his picture made with the “First Haircut” mouse ears. We remember that it really wasn’t his first haircut.  He squealed on many attractions like Dumbo, Its a Small World, Peter Pan, Journey Into Imagination, etc. etc. He also loved seeing and interacting with Mickey and Pooh.  We loved that too.  He ate off our plate.  He was happy to hang in the stroller and he slept like a champ every night.

Sure, there were some things we couldn’t take him on and a couple we shouldn’t have (It’s a Bug Life is really scary for little kids. Some big kids get the heebie jeebies too). But there was more than enough for him to see and do and experience to make it a great trip. A memorable trip. We are the ones with those memories and we will always cherish them.

Aaron has been back to Disney many times since then and he has lots of his own memories now. He still has a great time but now it isn’t from riding Peter Pan or seeing Pooh. Now he gets squealy over Rockn Roller Coaster and Mission Space.  (Don’t tell him I used the word “squealy.”) The trips are different now. We still take him to the Barber shop but we sure can’t get away with the first haircut picture anymore.

My point is- don’t wait. Take them to Disney now for their enjoyment and your memories. Take them later for their own. Believe me, you’ll want to go back. Disney makes it easy with multiple (clean) baby care centers, childcare options for a mommy and daddy dinner out, and the baby swap rider pass.

Besides, did I mention that kids under 3 are free? Free. No ticket. No meal plan. They don’t even count as a guest that will tip your room occupancy over the edge. Free. Who could turn that down?

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