A Little Bit of Royalty

Disney is in the business of storytelling and their beautifully themed Royal Rooms accomplish that mission very well.  Princess Tiana from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog invites guests to come stay in one of her Royal Rooms located in the Magnolia Bend section of the southern themed Port Orleans Riverside resort.  As Tiana and her friends prepared for your arrival, they left mementos around the room for young (and old) guests  to discover.  I don’t want to give too much away but my favorite trinket is the Genie’s lamp which is “disguised” as a water faucet.

The royally appointed beds are adorned with gold and crystal accents and covered with custom linens.
The princesses left their personal photos for your enjoyment including portraits of their favorite beaus.  Of course every princess needs access to her own private fireworks display.  This is accomplished with a fiber optic headboard lighting up the night sky with the push of a button.

Even the lighting and curtains are royal in appearance.  Disney  was also cautious (and wise) enough to make sure the “cool” factor outweighs the “girl factor” making these rooms appeal to both the little girls and the little boys.

In true Disney fashion, the beauty extends beyond the room and spills over into the courtyard and gardens.



Oh, did I mention that the rates are very comparable?  Yes, Port Orleans Riverside is a moderate level resort and there is a nominal increase for one of the Royal Rooms.  Watching your daughter (and your wife?) light up as they feel like the royalty you know they are makes it worth every last dime.

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