The Search for Disneyland Pizza

If you’re looking for excellent pizza and authentic Italian at Disneyland, your answer is Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria at Downtown Disney.  The spicy Italian sausage with broccoli rabe is outstanding.  Fearing that the ‘individual’ size wouldn’t be enough for my wife and I, we went for the 20” Large…which of course was way too much, but we brought 3 of the 8 pieces back to the Disneyland Hotel room.  Side note, the to-go boxes from Naples are just about 1-inch too large for the in-room refrigerator to be able to close, so depending on your leftovers you may want to consider several smaller boxes.

Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim is bright and clean and in my experience is a much more pleasant walk than Downtown Disney (now Disney Springs) in Orlando.  I’m sure Disney Springs will be just as great once all of the construction is done and the ‘magical enhancements’ are complete.  As they’re just beginning the Christmas décor layout, it provided a very festive view from the upstairs balcony.

If you’ve been to Via Napoli at Epcot, then you’re going to be very happy with Naples Risorante e Pizzeria at Downtown Disney.  Authentic Neopolitan pizza with a thin crust, wood-fired with a hint of a burn and plenty of mouth-watering delicious mozzarella.  The bread was plentiful when we were seated, and the wait staff was extremely attentive…thank you Chanel!

Visit:  11/15/15

Tip:  Sit on the patio upstairs for fantastic people-watching downstairs.  Even on a chilly night there are plenty of heaters.

Tip:  The line out front isn’t as intimidating as it looks.  12 people deep in line, we were told a 15 minute wait and it was 7 minutes.

Tip:  If you are seated upstairs and have any issue with climbing stairs, opt for the elevator.  There are 3 flights plus a few more steps, which isn’t a big deal, but it’s more than the typical climb up one flight at home.

Tip:  The pizza to-go box is just about an inch too large to fit the in-room refrigerator at the Disneyland Hotel.  Consider asking for multiple smaller to-go boxes instead of the pizza box.

Pete Herrick has been with Once Upon A Vacation for since 2013 and has visited Walt Disney Destinations over 30 times and takes every chance to travel to just about any fun location in the world.  He and his wife Tessa live at Lake Norman near Charlotte NC.  Find him on social media @peteherrick (or e-mail


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