Hawaii By Way of Alaska

Today’s travel tip is all about Hawaii!  Hawaii by way of Alaska!!!

Yep, you read that correctly!!  We are going to Hawaii next year by way of Alaska.

Alaskan Airlines that is!!

Did you know that Alaskan Airlines offers one of the BEST companion ticket programs around? When you sign up for the Alaskan Airlines mileage program and credit card you will have the opportunity to buy one, get one on anywhere they fly – and guess what?! They fly to Hawaii!!

This year, we obtained the mileage card and now we have a companion ticket that’s good for one year. (Book the trip within one year – not travel).
So, for our Hawaii trip next year we will have one FREE ticket! For a trip to Hawaii from the east coast, that’s about a $1000 savings.  In addition, by getting some sign up conus mileage and from purchases on the card, we have lots of miles too so we are hoping to be able to score another ticket on mileage (or At least half of one because Alaskan Air lets you divide it up into one way flights too – either way saving is GOOD!!!)

Another great option is the Hawaiian Airlines Card. They offer a sign on bonus of miles and a 50 percent off travel companion ticket. We are going to use this for any travel between islands.  So, when we go to Maui for a few days, our island travel will be super cheap, if not free!

It’s all about getting creative to get to the places you want to go.  Plan early.  Think outside the box.  I never thought Alaskan Air to go to Hawaii but with a little research and creativity, we are crossing off a bucket list vacation!

Until next time….. think sunny thoughts.

Jaime Garcia is a mom, travel planner, and vacation daydreamer. Contact her to make your vacation daydreams into a reality. Jgarcia@onceuponavacation.com

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