FAQ About Disney Fast Pass

*What is a Fast Pass?
Think of a Fast Pass almost as a “reservation” for an attraction.  When you return to the attraction during your reserved window of time, you will go into a separate queue from the standby line and can expect a much shorter wait time.  Generally a fast pass return line won’t be longer than a 15 minute wait, where the standby line could be a 120 minute wait!

*How much does the Fast Pass feature cost?
Nothing.  The Fast Passes are free for all Disney park guests to utilize.
*Do I have to return during the window of time listed on my Fast Pass? 
In a nutshell, yes.

*When can Disney resort guests make their Fast Pass+ selections?
Disney resort guests may make their first 3 Fast Pass+ selections for each day up to 60 days prior to check in.

*How many Fast Pass+ selections can I make each day?
You will be able to select your first 3 Fast Passes for the day in advance.  These will need to be within the same park but now guests can get additional Fast Passes (one at a time) after the initial 3 have been used via the My Disney Experience app.

*Can I hop from park to park with Fast Pass+ selections?
The first 3 that you preselect must all be within the same park.  However, after those are done, you are welcome to hop to another park and then get Fast Passes for the remainder of the day one at a time from the My Disney Experience app.

*How many Fast Passes can I get per day?
There isn’t a set number.  After you use your first 3 that were selected ahead of time you are free to continue to get Fast Passes throughout the day one attraction at a time while supplies last. That is the key phrase there, “while supplies last.”

*What are these tiers I read about?
Disney has placed tiers for Fast Passes in Epcot and Hollywood Studios and only allows 1 Fast Pass+ to be selected from the top tier and 2 from the next tier.  I believe the purpose is to share the wealth on the most popular Fast Pass attractions at that park.  The best strategy here is to choose the 1 that is the most important to you or the quickest to run out for that park.  Get these Fast Passes early in the day and then secure the 2nd one you want from that top tier as soon as you’ve used for initial Fast Pass selections.  Guests will also have to choose between the two new Pandora experiences (I recommend Flight of Passage) for their Fast Passes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

*Does everyone in our group have to have the same Fast Passes?
              No.  You will be able to select who wants each Fast Pass.  Just keep in mind that each guest in the Fast Pass queue must have a Fast Pass for that attraction.  For example, if you are standing in line with your kids for the princess meet and greet, you need to have that Fast Pass yourself.

These general guidelines are certainly subject to change as Disney continues to tweak the process.  Don’t ever hesitate to call or email your travel planner to make sure you have the latest information on the process.  When you are in the parks, ask a cast member.  Don’t be shy! They want to make sure you have the most magical experience possible and will certainly be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you have with the Fast Pass system. 

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